Substack vs Wordpress


So, here we go again, I’m back on Substack.

If you’re a follower of my writing, firstly - thank you. I take none of it for granted and I appreciate anyone who takes a few minutes out of their day to read my ramblings.

But you may remember that in January, I dabbled in Substack after years of posting on Wordpress and, well… it didn't last. I can’t even blame that little spoke in the wheel that was Covid-19 because I turned tail and went back to my base by February. It wasn’t that Substack didn't work for me, rather that I anguished about the fact you couldn’t itemise & use Substack as a storehouse like you can Wordpress. So, I went back to what I know.

Since then, I did some redesigning of the blog but, honestly, I haven’t produced much in 2020, not compared to recent years. Again - not thanks to the virus, as I have been busy writing, but it’s been channeled into my second book, which is all about how Star Trek reflects post-war history to the present day. That’s been where my words have largely concentrated since March when lockdown began and I realised I still had about 50,000 words to write. Tomorrow, I will submit the manuscript to McFarland, the publisher, and the process will begin again toward publishing, hopefully, during 2021 at some point.

Which frees me up to write some more, and while I’ve loved writing the book (and seeing my first book, Myth-Building in Modern Media, come out during this period - more details here), I’m looking forward to doing some blogging again. Much as I love Star Trek, I’m also looking forward to a break from it - although I have pitched a book which dabbles in that area recently so if it gets commissioned, I’ll be returning to the Federation quicker than I might have hoped!

The question has been, in advance of returning to blogging again… Substack or Wordpress?

I won’t bore you with a complicated answer because that’s not why you’re here, is it? You’re after incisive, razor sharp pop culture criticism (wrong blog, sorry…). But suffice to say, I’m giving Substack another try. The website will become a repository where I store much of the work on here, promote the books I write, and have links to all the podcasts I do. That frees up Substack to do what I always intended - build up a subscriber base, connect a bit more to you guys, and work in a bit more of a direct way.

So, we’ll see how long this lasts and how consistent I am in providing content at least, right now, a couple of times a week. That’s the aim.

As always, thanks for reading and hope you enjoy what’s to come!